last days of summer

May your weekend be a beautiful waste of time. May you feel free to linger with your people, to dawdle over meals, to loiter in your own front yard. And as time spills through your fingers and your to-do list gathers dust, may you remember again how you are a human, not a robot. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Today marks my 50th ‘for your weekend’ post – one of my favorite kinds of posts I do here at Chatting at the Sky. Writing them comes easily, but sometimes I wonder if I’m being presumptuous (is that the word?) to offer a blessing for your weekend. Somehow I manage to get over myself and do it anyway – taking the risk of being misunderstood, which really isn’t that big of a deal.

When I get to them, writing these has become a few moments of worship for me – time to remember my smallness, practice truth for myself, and share little glimpses with you.

Here’s the very first ‘for your weekend’ post if you’re interested: May 7, 2011.¬†Thanks for always coming back.