May you know beyond doubt or shadow that you are not alone. Let the cold air cut sharp through your worries, the December sky beckon your soul out of its hiding place. Wrap your hands around that warm cup, laugh loud in the celebrations, and believe quietly in grace and truth. When you feel yourself being pulled into the anxious future, let Him gather you gently back to now. When your heartbeat quickens at the thought of your tasks, surrender the list into His hands and see what happens. When you don’t have an answer, let it be enough to walk humbly with your question. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Leaving a quick note here to say my calendar has finally been updated. There you will find a few events, both past and future. I say few on purpose – I am a ridiculous homebody, but I love this message and connecting with women enough to venture out to meet you when I am able. And if you missed them, a few of the interviews I’ve done are available to watch there as well.