The summer days roll on and the deadlines keep coming. So do the mosquitos and the lightening bugs and the tiny rabbit who lives in our front yard. We went tent camping and I realized how different John and I are (Him: “This just feels right.” Me: “This just feels wet.”) Needless to say, we were home 24 hours later.

I’m glad we went. I’m more glad we came home. The s’mores were nearly worth it. Nearly.

So I pop in here partly because I wanted to share these links (although I’m a little behind) but mainly because I’ve missed writing here the past 12 days. I’ll be back again soon.

May these days be filled with safe travels, hilarious jokes, compelling books, and kind companions. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Some links to check out:

How to be a Great Dinner Party Guest by Shauna Niequist – Who better to teach us how to be a gracious dinner party guest? No one, that’s who.

That Time I Was on the Today Show by Jen Hatmaker – It’s been a few weeks now, but I love this hilarious behind-the-scenes post.

The Simplicity Podcast – Bradley Burk invited me to join him on his Renovare podcast to talk about grace. He is one of the few men who have read Grace for the Good Girl so it was interesting for me to hear his perspective.

Stitch Fix #3 – I got another box of goodness in the mail. Here is where I pose in the clothes they sent me.