May your weekend be filled with courage. May you choose to honestly confront the competing voices in your head, and may you decide today to listen only to the true ones. Go ahead and take time off from your self-doubt for the weekend. May the break be so freeing that you decide to make it permanent. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Recommended for your weekend:

  1. This Might Not Work by Jeff Goins, in which he interviews Seth Godin
  2. Conclusion of The Same Page Book Club Q & A: Here’s where readers asked questions after they read Grace for the Good Girl and I did my best to offer answers. Ish. Also includes some books that served as resources for me when I wrote the book.
  3. How Grief is Changing the Way I Live by Kristen Welch at We Are That Family
  4. I Feel Like My Heart Might Burst also by Kristen Welch at We Are That Family – I love the way the full spectrum of the human experience is glimpsed in these 2 short posts – the deep satisfaction of joy and connection, as well as the profound impact of loss. Read them both.
  5. Simple Mom Podcast: I joined Tsh this week to co-host the Simple Mom Podcast. We talked about writing, books we’re reading, and synesthesia (seeing letters and numbers in color). Fold some clothes and listen in.
  6. Grace for the Good Girl Book Club: One ends, another begins! Join Kat on Thursdays at Refeathered Home for a study of the book! They are only on week 2 so it should be easy to jump on in.