“The rivals of God’s voice–small, still and within–continue to be necessary, then, and have their place. But once we are earnestly seeking God and get beyond the need to have big things happening to reassure us that somehow we are all right–and possibly that others are not–then we begin to understand and rejoice that, as Jesus so clearly lived and taught, the life of the kingdom is ‘righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit’ (Rom 14:17).”

Dallas Willard, Hearing God

for your weekend

This week was teacher conferences, half-days of school, Father/Daughter Sweetheart Dance and putting of the grocery store as long as we could. I’ve done some reflecting and re-prioritizing, a lot of reading and some cold walks around the block.

The answers I’ve been looking for haven’t arrived yet and I’m starting to think their gonna stand me up. Again. But I’m in good company, as these five women also peer through a glass dimly, trusting that one day they will know even as they are fully known.

But for now, well. They hold questions with hands filled with wisdom and grace. I’m learning from them this morning and I trust you will, too. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Grace, A Year Later by Hillary Yancey for Christie Purifoy

The Art of Repairing Broken Things by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

On Finding God in the Pots and Pans by Aimee Kollsmanberger

Focusing on the One by Bekah Jane Pogue

Sharing the Communion of the Whole Truth by Shannan Martin for (in)courage

I learn so much from this community of writers online. And I’m keeping track. On February 28, I’ll write up my list of what I’ve been learning the past three months and I’ll invite you to share yours, too. Want a printable list to make it more fun?

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