For Your Weekend

The year keeps rolling on. Here are some good reads for your first Saturday of February. Enjoy your weekend, friends.


When a Lion Needs Courage by Marilyn Gardner

A thoughtful piece about people-pleasing and courage. Plus, anytime someone uses The Wizard of Oz as a reference, I’m going to read it.

When You Don’t Want To Do The Dishes by Kimberly Coyle

No matter how much I read or write about celebrating my smallness, it remains one of my most hard-fought battles on a daily basis. Grateful to writers who continue to put these things before us.

7 Books to Help You Slow Down and Cheer Up by Jocelyn Kelly for PopSugar

In addition to Simply Tuesday, Jocelyn has selected six other books that would make a great addition to your book shelf.

Be Kind To One Another Music by Brian Morykon

Kindness is a word I’ve been paying special attention to lately. This is a new version of one of my favorites from Brian Morykon.

What to Watch When You Can’t Handle More Drama by Mary Carver

I love it when Mary talks about TV and this post is no exception.

Scream-Free Morning Routine by Lisa-Jo Baker

A free resource from Lisa-Jo’s Temper Toolkit for moms, offering encouragement and hope for the often chaotic mornings. (Spoiler Alert: Just because you have a bad day doesn’t make you a bad mom.)

January’s Writing:

I write one post per week here on the blog, not including these weekend links posts. Incase you missed one, here are all the posts from January in one place:

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