for your weekend

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for the journey.

My Heart Can Move Mountains by Lisa Leonard

The Identity Beneath Your Identities by Liz Wann for For The Church

The Thief of Joy at Christmastime by Richella Parham

DIY Christmas Village for the Cozy Minimalist by The Nester

The Generous Parent: The Gift Your Child Unwraps all Year by Emily Sue Allen for Meredith Dangel

A Liturgy of Trees by Jen Rose Yokel for The Rabbit Room

This January will mark 11 years of writing online. While the online space has changed in this span of over a decade, one thing hasn’t changed a bit, and that’s how grateful I am for you, dear reader.

Thank you for your kind encouragement over the years. I hope to be as kind a companion for you as you have been for me.