“I don’t have to convince you we’re strong or faithful, because mostly, we aren’t. But we hold on to each other when the chips are down. We shake our heads at what an unlikely group we really are, and then we eat more pie. Together.” – Shannan Martin, from her post linked below

for your weekend

Enjoy your weekend, friends! Here are a few good reads for along the way:

Days of Distraction by Laura Beth Martin for Kris Camealy

There You Are: A Thanksgiving Welcome by Kimberly Coyle

Bright Friday by Shannan Martin

All The Things You Don’t Need For a Perfect Holiday by Joshua Becker

Welcoming Advent With Simplicity and Meaning by Michelle DeRusha for Aleteia

New Podcast: Live from the Hope*Writer Workshop: This is the first time we’ve recorded in front of a live audience. It was fun! Here’s where you can listen:

Join me next week Wednesday Nov 30 to share what you’ve learned the past 3 months (for those in the northern hemisphere, we’re calling it What We Learned This Fall). To learn more, see an example, and make your own list, here’s the list I made for summer.