for your weekend

The writers have out-done themselves this week. I hope you enjoy this feast of words on rest, family, soul care, and connection as much as I have. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Confessions of an Imperfect Sabbath-keeper by Mark Buchanan

“I’m Busy” is Not a Badge of Honor by Jovan Barrington

Continue, November 2016 by Leanna Tankersley

When the Word “Holidays” Stresses You Out by Heather Caliri for Mudroom

The Last Time? by Kim Hall

7 Days of Preparing Our Hearts for Thanksgiving by Holley Gerth for (in)courage

Advent 2016: Enlarged in Waiting by Bobby Gross for Transforming Center

Hospitality. But Not The Kind You Are Thinking Of by Nester

What We Learned // Coming on November 30! Every quarter, we share what we learned that season. Here’s my What I Learned This Summer post – mark your calendar for November 30 and prepare to link up with your own post.

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