for your weekend

I hope your Saturday is filled with a little adventure, a lot of love, and at least one delicious meal. Enjoy your weekend, friends. As always, here are a few good reads for along the way.

Seasons of the Soul by Adam McHugh for Quiet Revolution

Let’s Linger Longer and Fall in Love by Courtney Carver

Beauty Is Not a Waste by Lisa Leonard

Needing Approval and What I Forget by Erik Wolgemuth for Trillia Newbell

Sitting in the Silence by Jessica Chance

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit – If you don’t have a blog (or don’t care about starting one) you can ignore this link. But if you do have a blog or want to start one, this bundle is a great deal.

The offer ends on Tuesday so if you think you might be interested, I’m sharing my favorite resources from the bundle right here.