I crave Saturday morning – reading words in the darkness while the coffee steams and the children sleep and my soul wakes up to the world. These words – the ones you’ve written in the past, the ones picked out here, the ones you will only write after you read this post – they so often carry me through.

I haven’t been writing much lately (have you noticed?) Let me re-phrase. I haven’t been sharing much of my writing lately.

But it’s coming (and soon!) the time for me to share some words I’ve been working on for you. And, if I’m honest, for me. Your words, though, the ones you’re writing on the Internet? They matter. I know you stumble through and you put stuff out there and question if this semi-long-form writing belongs here anymore.

I know many have abandoned the blog space for various reasons and I will respect their decision. But I am grateful down to my bones for those who are still writing on the Internet, for you who fight back the discouragement, doubt, and all those this-doesn’t-matter-that-much thoughts and write anyway.

That’s why I keep sharing weekend links. I’ve tried to quit, but I can’t do it. I can’t let too many weeks go by without this tiny, weekend celebration of writers, stories, perspectives, and hope. So enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way.

Welcome Scout – An Adoption Update by Erin Loechner

Three Weeks After My Book Was Published by D.L. Mayfield

How A Life is Built by Tresta Payne

Why Absolute Minimalism Will Never Feel Like Home by Emily Lex

After Fifteen Years, Alicia Keys Has Found an Entirely New Voice by Sam Lansky for Time

Thank You Jesus for the Smell of Pumpkin Spice by Rachel Marie Stone for Her.meneutics

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