“As a people, we are not comfortable with waiting. We see it as wasted time and try to avoid it, or at least film it with trivial busyness. We value action for its own sake. It is hard to trust in the slow work of God.”

-Margaret Guenther, Holy Listening

For Your Weekend

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are some good reads for along the way.

When Hospitality is Hard by Amber Salhus for GraceTable

He Lifts Out of Pits and Puts Us on the Rock by Sarah Mae

This Is the Cure for Awkwardness, If You Are Awkward, Which I Am Sometimes, and You Might Be Too. Sometimes by Nika Maples

You Don’t Run Away by Erin Loechner

An Early Fall Bookclub – (And A Quick Book Club Request) by Deidra Riggs

Tribe Conference in Franklin, Tennessee – I’m speaking and would love to see you there! (Sept. 16-18)

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