“Oh Lord, deliver me from the arrogance of assuming I know enough to judge others; deliver me from the timidity of presuming I don’t know enough to help others; deliver me from the illusion of claiming I have changed enough when I have only risked little, that, so liberated, I will make some of the days to come different.”

– Ted Loder, Guerrillas of Grace

For Your Weekend

Today’s reads invite us to slow down and not turn too quickly from our grief – both the kind that devastates nations and the kind that leaks slowly from our own ordinary lives. Even in this, God is with us. Even in this.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Don’t Move On by Erik Wolgemuth for Trillia Newbell

In Defense of Beauty by Alia Joy for SheLoves Magazine

Dear Overwhelmed, Creative Maker by the Nester for Nesting Place

How to Receive Your Own Summer Life by Marian Vischer

Storm Clouds Put On Epic Sunset Show along North Carolina Outer Banks by Jason Samenow for The Washington Post

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