“Experience now. Don’t worry about next.” – Deidra Riggs

For Your Weekend

Today’s reads remind me to be appropriately small, to celebrate life, and that it’s okay to be sad, even in summer. I’m also sharing about our first ever live hope*writers workshop (open to all!), designed to help both the new writer and the experienced author clarify vision and write with intention.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Lessons From the Stars by Dick Baxter for Renovaré

Rejoice and Be Sad by Shannan Martin

Break Out of That Rut and Make Your Own Longest Day Ever by Deidra Riggs

How Summer Changes the Writing Life – The Hope*Writers Podcast (our final episode for Season 1)

The Hope*Writers Workshop – Our first ever hope*writers live event (open to anyone). Join us November 3 – 5 in Charlotte, NC!

My gift to you is an audio devotional called 7 Days of Still Moments. It will run all summer – the day you sign up is your Day 1. It’s free and each day is less than 5 minutes. To start Day 1 today, enter your email here and I’ll do the rest. Let’s begin summer gently, with a long, deep breath.