As I sat in my kitchen yesterday afternoon, there was a moment that captured the weekend for me. Rather than only writing about it, I wanted to try something different and show you. So here is a 48 second video of a weekend moment.

May you find time to sit with the windows open and listen to their afternoon games carry over new spring air. May you enjoy the voice of a brave, young heroine, the summer promise of ripe fruit, and the small smile that shows up when you remember to give thanks for another day. And even as the dog barks annoying and your soul hangs heavy and the dirt won’t come up from the cracks in the floor, may you find the time to breathe in deep the hidden beauty of this life as it is right now. Enjoy your weekend, friends.


The book on my counter is May B. by Caroline Star Rose. Caroline is a reader of Chatting at the Sky as well as a talented writer. I was grateful to receive this copy from her publisher and though I haven’t yet finished, I am so far loving her simple, poetic style. What a beautiful read.