For Your Weekend

“Love is willing to waste time.” Alan Fadling, An Unhurried Life

Today’s reads are for anyone who wants to slow down, celebrate smallness, and finally settle into being yourself. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

How to Redefine Yourself by Erin Loechner for Design for Mankind

Read More Blogs by Seth Godin

How to Find Time by Anne Lamott for Sunset

Summer to Thrive by Jess Connolly

Learn From Our Idiot Moves from The Hope*Writer Podcast

It may be sunny and warm outside but what about within? Sometimes the summertime routines (or lack thereof) can bring chaos rather than calm into my soul. I’ve created something for you if you feel it too. Listen on the player below to hear the invitation or read the transcript here.

“My favorite thing on the internet right now. Everyone needs this.”

Jessica Turner, author of The Fringe Hours

We’ve had over 2,000 people sign up so far for this audio devotional, 7 Days of Still Moments. It will run all summer – the day you sign up is your Day 1. You go at your own pace. To start Day 1 today, enter your email here and I’ll do the rest. Let’s start summer off gently.