“My mom has always told me that the most transformative decisions are made from a place of strength not weakness. We do not bully ourselves into decision making. We believe ourselves there.”  Leeana Tankersley

For Your Weekend

Reading the following posts this morning have brought lightness and hope to my soul – every single one. I hope they do the same for you. Grab your coffee or your tea and linger over these thoughtful words. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Five Things I’ve Learned About Making Decisions by Leeana Tankersley

Seeds and Water and Cold Days in May by Esther Emery

Why It’s Often Better to Say Less by Al Andrews for Storyline

Community Matters by Kimberly Coyle

Here by Sarah Christine Schwartz

the hope*writers podcastThis week on The Hope*Writers Podcast, we chat about our genius moves – things we’ve discovered (on purpose or accident!) that have helped us do our work with greater ease and purpose.

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