“Is it possible that in our eagerness to figure out how best to handle difficulties that we fail to be still in God’s presence long enough to hear his voice and discover our center?” – Dr. Larry Crabb

the cul-de-sac bench

Today’s reads are for anyone who wants help paying attention. These thoughtful posts will help you look beyond the obvious to what matters most in grief, vocation, life, and love. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

My Friend Died Last Week by Shawn Smucker

How Prince Helps You Believe in God by Matt Rampey

Give Us Eyes for the Lonely by Reggie Osborne II for Desiring God

How Writing Can be a Spiritual Discipline (Even if You’re Not a Writer) by Ashley Abramson for Relevant

The Declare Conference Podcast with Emily Thomas and me – We talk about writing process, soul fatigue and my best advice for talking with an editor.

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