Todays reads remind us to listen to our lives, to make time for creativity, to refuse to compete, and to embrace the art that lives within us. Enjoy your weekend, friends.for your weekend

How Is Your Other Half? by Brooke McAlary for The Art of Simple

“We all have a heavy half. It’s the half that makes sure the kids get to school on time, won’t forget to pack snacks for the doctors appointment, pays the bills, turns up to work every day, sweeps the floor, mows the lawn and cooks dinner.

But what about your other half?

The half that is passionate, creative, spontaneous? The half that makes out with your husband, wears red lipstick, writes poetry, dances in the kitchen, dreams of great big trips, and reads for fun?

The half that fills you out and makes you balanced, well-rounded, whole. How’s that half going?”



Four Simple Ways to Create Time When You Don’t Have Any to Spare by Marian Vischer

“I don’t have a secret. But I do have a story — my own story as a wife, mom, employee, and hopeful writer whose current season of life is bursting at the seams. Yet somehow, somehow, I’m recovering bits of time to write in the margins. From this right-now story, I have takeaways that you can implement right where you are.”

Sidenote: Marian is part of our hope*writer community and her post is such a good example of the kinds of things we talk about there. If you’re a writer, we’d love to have you join us!

amy and tina

When Women Use Their Magic by Amber Salhus

“Are you standing on your desk and clapping with me yet? Are you listening to Beyoncé’s Formation while you imagine an all-women’s flash mob dance scene? Because I am.”

P.S. Amber is another hope*writer! Okay I’m done now.


A Million Little Ways ebook only 1.99

Three years ago my book about living a creative life with Christ came out. This one has such a dear place inside my heart and in the hearts of many readers. The people who resonate with this message really resonate with this message.

 (If the video above isn’t showing up for you, watch it here.)

If you don’t believe you are creative, allow me to convince you otherwise.

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Favorite Instagram Photos of the Week: Mine + Yours

foggy monday

Mine: I spotted this adorable house sitting in the Monday morning fog last week – reminded me of deep roots, small beginnings, and the sacredness of ordinary time. You can find me on instagram @emilypfreeman.

alex michael may

Yours: I’ve been swooning over this image from Alex Michael May of The Painted Ladies all week. I’ve never been to San Fransisco but these are 7 more reasons why I must. You can find Alex on Instagram @beautilitarian.

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