Todays reads are for the introverted hostess, the lazy genius, and the mom with kids who keep saying I’m bored. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

An Introvert’s Guide to Having People Over by The Nester

“I’m just now coming out of about a year of hospitality hiatus. I’m still remembering/learning how to be a gracious hostess and starting with two groups of friends who already know me and my grouchy quirks makes for an easy re-entry into the world of hospitality.”

the lazy genius

The Magical Key to Doing it All by The Lazy Genius Collective

“Yeah, I’m lying, but you knew that already. Here’s the truth though; the key to doing it all is deciding what all means . .  your all looks different then mine or anyone else’s.”

Modern Mrs Darcy

In Praise of Being Bored by Anne Bogel for Modern Mrs. Darcy

“Lucy doesn’t yet know that solitude lets you hear your own thoughts, or that the ability to sit with one’s thoughts is a gift, and a skill that needs cultivating. She’s still learning how boredom is not a curse, but a cue . . .”

Favorite Instagram Photos of the Week: Mine + Yours

Mine: This image of the book I’m reading sparked a lot of conversation this week – people have very strong feelings about this book! I’m working my way slowly through it. You an find me on instgram @emilypfreeman.

Yours: This image is from the #itssimplytuesday feed – scrolling through it is my happy place. I love this view from Jen Barksdale’s backyard. Simply lovely. You can find her on instagram @jensinkpen.

A Favorite Verse from the Bible

“Lord you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” Psalm 16:5-6

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