Meredith McDaniel

Winter’s End by Meredith McDaniel for Milk + Honey

“No matter the size of the thorn, the brokenness of this world surfaces the ache we all suppress. We long for the land of milk and honey in a world that offers dry bones.”

Lisa Leonard Designs

You Are Enough by Lisa Leonard

“Guilt gives up
Grace moves forward
Guilt scratches and claws
Grace soothes and comforts
Guilt piles on
Grace lightens the load”


book club

Between the World and Me // A Book Club hosted by Deidra Riggs

“I’ll be fifty-two this year. Even now, I sense a passing of the torch. In the past week alone, a few of the younger women carrying the torch have messaged me to ask my advice about how to talk about the issues of the movement, or how to take care of your emotions when you’re involved in the movement.

We don’t call it the movement when we talk. We don’t have a name for it. But, we do know there is a movement afoot.”

I just read Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coats and I’m so glad Deidra is hosting this conversation. I’ll be following along.


Favorite Instagram Photos of the Week: Mine + Yours

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Mine: Today the sticks whisper giddy secrets of hopeful things to come. You can find me on instagram @emilypfreeman.

Yours: Scrolling through the photos I’ve liked this week, I keep coming back to this image in The Nester’s feed – simple and lovely. I need more flowers in my life. You can find her on instagram @thenester.

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