Today’s reads are an invitation to embrace your limitations, to speak the truth without exaggeration, to stop trying to be so efficient, and to come to the Nester’s white barn. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

emily p freeman

Not Because We Must by Carolyn Watts

“I’ve learned that God is not the one who drives me. That he wants the real me, not the me I think I should be. And I’m learning to see my limitations as training wheels, helping me find my balance, guiding me into a way of listening and loving that fits the personality, giftings, and body God has given me.”

I resonated so deeply with this post that it brought tears. And so I’m paying attention.

photoshop world

Freedom of Expression in a Photoshop World by David Mathis

“We yearn for understatement, because there is so little access to it. We ache for it from others — and yet we find ourselves utterly unable to produce it. Having been conditioned by the confetti of commercials, the posturing of politics, and the insecurities of social media, we cannot bring ourselves to do for others what we so desperately long for ourselves.”

Hutchmoot 2014

The High Five – The Box Canyon

Two years ago at Hutchmoot I sat in this room with 10 other people listening to Don + Lori Chaffer and Jill (Phillips) + Andy Gullahorn talk about the struggles and the gifts of creating with your spouse.

During the conversation, they began to talk about friendship and Andy mentioned how every week he and his friend Gabe have started meeting for the sole purpose of giving each other a high five. That’s it. Something about it struck me as equal parts hilarious and sacred – I wrote down these words Andy said that day in 2014:

“In a world where everything has to compute, its nice to do something inefficient. On the way to meet Gabe, it feels like the stupidest thing. But on the way home I’m like I can do anything!” 

Now, The Box Canyon has documented that weekly high five in a 3-minute short film, highlighting the spiritual power of habit. You can watch it here.


Mantime: Reclaim the Vision for Your Life by Chad Smith

My husband, my sister’s husband and a slew of other men-folk are headed to the white barn in April for some Mantime. Registration is open – tell your fella!

If you’re feeling small + need some encouragement or perspective today, listen in on my conversation with two pastors at a beloved local church. This is one of my favorite Tuesday conversations.


Monday is the last day of February so we’ll be sharing what we learned the past 29 days. I hope you’ll join in! Here’s a list of what I learned last year in February and here’s how I keep track of what I’m learning if you need some tips.

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