Today’s reads are for the dreamers holding their hope in secret, the mothers who just need a win already, and for anyone keeping their tears to themselves. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

confess your dreams

Confess Your Dreams to Each Other by Ed Cyzewski

“I believe our hopes, callings, and dreams may be the most fragile parts of ourselves. We don’t want to appear foolish, stupid, or ridiculous. We don’t want to set out for a valiant goal only to fall on our faces . . . Accountability is good for uncovering our faults and struggles, but it’s also good for keeping us pointed to our true north.”


Marian Vischer

How I Almost Let a Horrible Light Fixture Ruin My Life by Marian Vischer

“I can’t give her straight A’s or a full-ride to college or protect her from a broken heart. But I can give her soft sheets and a furry comforter and an excessive amount of pillows and twinkle lights.

This was my motivation and my vision, a lovely and cozy sanctuary for my teenage girl who will only live here for a few more years. {Please pass the tissues.}

And then an Evil Light Fixture tried to steal everything.”


Al Andrews

Photo Credit: Joe St.Pierre, Creative Commons

A Surprising Way to Discover the Secret of Who You Are by Al Andrews for Storyline

“Pay attention to the tears. Follow them to the river. Grieve profusely. Be comforted. Blessed are those who mourn. For they will be comforted. See, what I’ve learned is that sorrow is actually better than laughter.”

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