Today’s reads are for the wanna-be rebels, the single among us, the artists, the writers, and those who are waiting. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Christmas 2015

//Skinny Tree by Shannan Martin for Flower Patch Farmgirl // 

Because Christmas comes with certain traditions you want to hold onto even when you’re trying to figure it out and do things differently; this is for the ordinary and “inspired cynics” among us.

the longing

//The Longing: On Being Single at Advent by Annie F. Downs for (in)courage //

Because when you’re single in December, celebrating Advent feels like a family thing. And why would you want to make the season feel longer by observing Advent every single week? But Annie issues this gentle invitation: “Don’t miss the beauty of Advent because you fear the longing.”

Jakub Szestowicki / Flickr

Jakub Szestowicki / Flickr

//God Has a Surprise for You by Micha Boyett for Her.meneutics//

Because “God’s surprises are almost always complicated” and they don’t always come as good news of great joy. Sometimes they come as a phone call from a doctor with words that will change your life.

Big Magic and A Million Little Ways

//What to do When Someone Else Already Wrote Your Book by me//

Because my site was down most of the day yesterday and maybe you missed this post, the one about why I felt relieved listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic. In a world where nothing is new, not really, it’s important to keep saying true things and learn to do your own thing well.


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