For Your Weekend

As we get honest about our obsessions, maybe we’ll start to see some we would desperately like to let go. But perhaps we don’t know how.

How do we break free from comparison’s grip as she stands there in front of us, our constant companion? How do we set down the burden of fear when we’ve been carrying it for so long it almost feels like part of our body? How do we release the longing for a win, a breakthrough, or a clear path ahead?

May we start by admitting the comparison, acknowledging the fear, and facing the desire for triumph and clarity. And then, may we have the courage to simply do the next right thing in front of us – check the mail, read the chapter, make the phone call, pull out the meat from the fridge – knowing that our friend Jesus stands between us and every possible future.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are few good reads for along the way.

  • The Sanitized Stories We Tell by Sarah Bessey // Because she reminds us that “if we don’t allow ourselves to feel our feelings, they have a habit of peeking around the corners of our lives, breaking in at the most inopportune moments.”
  • Single Tasking by Leo Babauta for Zen Habits // Because in a culture that glorifies the multi-task, the true super power are those who know how to single task.
  • Society B by Lindsay + Kelli Byers // Because this sister team is making it easier for us to do good better. They’ve created a one-stop shop for all of our favorite fair trade goods and ten percent of our purchase goes back to charity. So really you’re giving back twice and only have to pay shipping once. Win!

 Thursday October 1 we’ll share what we’ve learned in September. I hope you’ll make a list and join us then. If you need some tips on how to gather what you’ve learned this month, check out this post.