Yesterday I was driving down the highway at 70 mph, listening to Malcom Gladwell read David and Goliath (with his smart accent and his long U pronunciation of assume) when my minivan slowly stopped accelerating (even though I promise I was pushing the gas) until it finally slowed to a complete, somewhat anti-climactic stop.

side of the road

It felt a like a dream (the bad kind) where you know you have to run fast but your body won’t respond no matter what you do.

Wipers were on, lights were on, Malcom was still reading. But the car decided it was finished with all this going business and it was ready for a break.

Thankfully I was able to pull over into the shoulder before it sputtered completely out. And also thankfully those trucks speeding by me IN THE POURING RAIN did not slam into the back of my car which was the scariest part. We still don’t know what’s wrong with the car, but I made it home safely in the warm cab of a tow truck just in time to see my daughter perform at school last night.

We’ll find out soon enough what is wrong with the car but in the meantime, I’m so happy it’s Friday.

the top hat

In honor of the weekend, today I want to share with you The Hope*ologie Podcast, Hope*ologie’s monthly audio conversation. This month, my sister and I teamed up with a couple of our besties, Caroline and Kendra, to treat ourselves to some girl time. At the end of the weekend, we planted the Hope*ologie microphone in the middle of the kitchen table and talked about the joy we get from small useless things.

For example, that top hat on The Nester’s head that we convinced her to by at The Depot. Want to listen in?

The Hope*ologie Podcast ::Treat Yo’ Self!

A few show notes:

This month on The Hope*ologie Podcast: What do you call something that helps you feel alive and joyful, gives you energy, lightens your step, lifts your spirits, and makes you feel more fully human for yourself and others? We call that kind of something essential, not a useless extravagance.

But sometimes, to get it, you have to Treat Yo’ Self, Tom and Donna style.

So while you finish up those errands or fold those warm towels or take a lunch break, listen in as we chat with Kendra (who blogs at The Sugar Box – here is that running list of her top 300 movies we mention) and Caroline (who shares her life and encouragement here, as well as a great photo of her looking like Johnny Depp).

We hope that somehow, some way, you catch some inspiration – and permission – to Treat Yo’ Self.

The Hope*ologie Podcast is now public and on iTunes. You can listen on iTunes here or if you’re not an iTunes person, you can listen right now as well below:

The Hope*ologie Podcast ::Treat Yo’ Self!

(Wait, you’ve not heard of Hope*ologie?! You can click on the graphic below to learn more.) Now I’m off to work on edits for Simply Tuesday, re-heat my coffee (again) and treat myself to a little vanilla pound cake. It just feels like the right thing to do.

the hopeologie podcast