Sometimes I have dreams where I call 911 and nobody answers. It just keeps ringing, and so I re-dial slow like molasses, and wait and worry, but no one is ever there. It’s terribly lonely and panicky, that dream. I know as women these days, we’re not supposed to want to be rescued. We’re supposed to be capable and strong. And there are lots of contexts where I might agree with that, where I see the beauty and God-given yes to embracing who he has made us to be and what he has made us to do without fear.

But there is another part of me that longs for a rescue. Not because I’m female, just because I’m human. And not the kind that provides escape, but the kind that brings freedom. I need healing. Renewing. Belief. I need strong and capable to swoop down and pick me up, to look into these tired eyes and see the weakness that I try so very hard to hide. Is there a person in this mad, beautiful world who doesn’t need rescuing?

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