Dear Blog Reader Who Has Never Commented,

I have had this little letter in my drafts for a while now and I typically don’t talk about bloggy things around here. Lately, though, I’ve thought of you more because some of you I’ve met in person. And nearly every time, you mention a specific blog post that has meant something to you, followed by, “I know I never comment. I’m so sorry.”

Please forgive the weird look on my face. I’m not great on the spot, standing in front of you. It takes me some time to process what I think about things. But I think I’ve finally figured out why your apology makes me squirm and so I’m here to tell you something: Never apologize for not commenting on this blog.

I love comments. I love when you talk with me and one another in the comment box, let me know things that move you and things you can relate with. That is definitely one of the beautiful things about blogging is the community developed through conversation. It’s true, I would be a little sad if there were no comments at all. I read every single one. I comment back when I can, sometimes in the comment box, often in an email.

But only a very small percentage of people who read blogs actually comment. Around here, it’s less than 5 percent.

There is no right way to be a blog reader. There is no expectation that you will remain subscribed, active, engaged on a blog. You have a lot going on, laundry to tend, hearts to mend, papers to write, friends to see, busses to catch, meetings to run, sidewalks to mosey, fresh air to breathe in deep. Or perhaps you simply have a private, quiet heart and would prefer to keep your life off line.

I take great delight in creating space for your soul to breathe. I feel I’ve finally found my stride (that only took six years). This is my gift to you. This is me, opening my hands, offering some perspective, hope, and a small dose of courage. So after all of that, I always get a bit frowny inside when someone apologizes for not commenting because what that says to me is some part of you feels guilty or worse, you think I expect it.

If I meet you in real life and you tell me you read my blog, I do not think it’s creepy or stalkery if you never comment. I write things on the world wide web. There is not a super secret password required for you to read it. This is a public space and you reading it is normal to me.

I love hearing from you. And to you who comment regularly, I am so thankful. But please, for the love of all things important, don’t waste any time apologizing for your faithful silence. I appreciate that you are there, reading, coming back. Thank you. And perhaps one day we will meet face to face and you can not apologize to me in person.

With much gratitude,