I had a new friend come over this morning. She’s the best kind of new friend. She brought me a really large coffee. From Starbucks. And cinnamon rolls. She is a mom as well, but her kids are in middle school. She asked me a question and I found myself excited to answer her because it was a real question that required real, cohesive thought. And I began to share from my heart about things I have learned and am still learning…and what I was saying was profound and smart and vulnerable…but for some reason she was not nodding thoughtfully. Rather, she was smiling, almost laughing. Why, you ask?

Turns out she was distracted by my pacing from one needy child to the next. As I was talking, evidently I also pried open one mouth, pulled one baby from the dining room table (4 times), settled 3 arguments, dressed 2 polly pockets and took 147 steps while pacing the floor and I didn’t even realize it until she opened her mouth and said these beautiful words:

“There’s a reason why the laundry doesn’t get done.”

And it was nice for someone who’s been there to recognize that which I already know…that I can work hard all day and still get nothing done. The only proof that I worked at all is my sore back, tired feet and, of course, piles of laundry…if that even makes any sense.

So here I am at 8:30 pm and it feels like midnight. Blinking takes effort. I’m tightly clinching my jaw as I type and I. can’t. stop. This life is exhausting. And I’m not even sick or pregnant or depressed or dying of starvation or homeless. But I still need a hero. Good thing I’ve got one.

I’ve thrown myself headlong into Your arms –
I’m celebrating Your rescue.
Psalm 13:5 The Message

How life-giving it is to know I have someplace else to throw myself headlong into other than my bed. Besides, it isn’t made and the sheets are dirty.

title quote from Chris Rice’s I Need a Hero