“Some days you’ll need a loaves and fishes miracle, other days it will be enough to see a flower in the crack of the sidewalk.”

-Susie Larson

I’ve been reading a book I received from my friends at Hearts at Home. It was written by Susie Larson called Growing Grateful Kids. When I saw this quote of hers, I couldn’t help but think of Tuesdays. This is the day we focus on celebrating the small in the midst of the ordinary, embrace the little things that make up the everyday and notice the flowers in the cracks. This is the tagline for her book: Teaching them to appreciate an extraordinary God in ordinary places. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but so far I have appreciated her perspective on cultivating thankfulness in the hearts of our children.

One thing she repeats throughout the book is that “we cannot impart something we do not possess.” To teach gratefulness, we must first experience it ourselves. And to experience a thankful heart, we have to first notice the gifts and receive them as such. So let’s practice. I look forward to reading your own posts on celebrating the gifts in the midst of the ordinary.