The gray, evening light spills down the back of my Goodwill chair. It has rained all day, Good Friday. The kids and I drove two hours slow from my parents house today. So many times we’ve made that trip. So many times we’ve come home safe again. The Man has been gone all week for work and when the phones rings, I see it’s him and he will be home soon, too. It’s easy to believe in the faithfulness of God on evenings like this, when the earth is green and wet out my window and the lights burn warm inside my house. My friend Heather comes to mind for the thousandth time tonight, a mama who today released her daughter Emma home to heaven.

There are no words to say, and I pray that in some miracle way, God will continue to weave his love and faithfulness into her story. And so this evening, with a keen awareness of invisible real and the mysterious movement from one life to the next, we know that the Lord has overcome the power of darkness, even in death. Remember his faithfulness by night.