Y’all are so awesome! Thanks for the communication on the blog crisis. My fairy blogmother fixed it up right. She just had a birthday and was on an internet vacation but managed to cheat just long enough to bibityblogityboo our blogs back to health.

Right now I am having the following conversation with one of my girls:

Her: Mommy, do I still cry when I get shots?
Me: I don’t know…
Her: But MOMmy, do I still cry when I get shots?
Me: No. No, you don’t cry because you’re a big girl.
Her: (half smiling, but still whining) MOMmy, I wanna get a shot right now. Can you go get shot stuff and give me a shot?
Me: I’m not allowed to give shots. Only nurses can give shots.

Pause. Pause.

Her: (still whining) MOMmy, when can you be a nurse?

I just can’t win. I will try to have a real post up later today. But I can’t promise anything, as I’m sure I’ll be busy explaining to my daughter why I can’t perform open heart surgery on her.