When my kids look through albums from when they were babies they always ask the same question: “Mommy? Were we all alone without any grown ups?” Then, they turn the page and sigh with relief. “Ohhh…good. There’s Daddy.”me

True story. I’ve told them many times how Mommy was taking the picture so of course they weren’t alone. But it begs the question: Should I take more photos with me in them? Are my kids going to be telling their counselors 15 years from now that their mommy left them alone to fend for themselves when they were babies? And they have THE PICTURES TO PROVE IT?

Karen @ 6 by His Design has turned the camera on herself and I think its a fabulous idea. She says:

I guess in the internal solitude of myself I focus on me a lot. But by day and by camera angle, most of my attention is elsewhere for most of my life. And that’s OK. I love being a mom. But in the midst of being Mom, there ceases to be photos of me. Because I’m always the one taking the pictures.

She had a delightful little photo session with herself that is worth the read and inspiration. I think I’m gonna follow her lead on that one.

If you aren’t quite as savvy with your camera’s self-timer and happen to be within 120 miles of local, cute and talented Alexa @ Alexa’s Photography is hosting a last minute giveaway on her blog for a free mothers day session. But you have to hurry because it ends tomorrow. My “kids” are totally going to enter me. Yours can enter you, too. But I hope I win.

Whether you win the giveaway, schedule a portrait session or turn the camera on yourself, I urge you to begin to gather evidence of your existence in your kids day-to-day. It will save your children tons in counseling bills.