Remember that ridiculous idea we had last summer to get a dog? And then we named him Finn and he had the audacity to be cute and make it so I couldn’t get rid of him?  Well, today the people who got his sister are coming over and bringing her so they can play together. Her name is Rosie and I can’t wait to ask her owners if she is a crazed lunatic like Finn and chews up their sofa. I also can’t wait to see if they want to take Finn home with them in the name of keeping the family together. It could happen. But she’s probably gonna be all long eyelashes and shy and well behaved with a little pink ribbon between her ears. And she’ll roll her dog eyes at her stinky brother because he’s too hyper and has cooties.

I’ll be sure to take some photos of the two of them together. Because I know that the week before Christmas you have nothing better to think about than my ridiculous dog playing with his perfect sister.

In other news, the winners of Annie Down’s book, From Head to Foot are Emily, Rachel, Teryn, and Della. If your name is Emily or Teryn and you have not gotten an email, then you are probably not the Emily or Teryn winners. If you didn’t win the book, I’ve got good news for you!

Annie has graciously decided to offer an exclusive 15% discount on her book to readers of Chatting at the Sky if you order before Monday at 5pm, CST. Simply go here to buy the book and enter the code: CHATTINGATTHESKY. So many of you have such wonderful ideas for this book and who to give it to, now is your chance to get it a little bit cheaper-ly. So if you didn’t win, you still win! Kind of.