Let me just say if it smells like a dirty diaper while steaming, chances are it will taste like poop in your eggs.

I just got that cookbook by Jessica Seinfield (Deceptively Delicious) where you steam, puree and hide veggies in foods your kids will eat. But cauliflower eggs? Even I couldn’t convince myself they were good. I thought it was just because I knew there was cauliflower in them so maybe that’s why they were gross.

Bracing for the worst, I told the girls “Your eggs might taste different today because they have cheese in them.” Not a lie. They did have cheese.

But one bite and 13 gags later, the man was in the kitchen making “normal eggs”.

Please don’t take offense, Jessica. You are so pretty. And your husband is so funny. And I totally believe you that your didn’t copy your book idea from that other girl. As for the recipes, so far the turkey chili and couscous with pureed red pepper and carrots were both really good. And even the cauliflower banana bread was a hit (so I added chocolate chips to it. Sue me.) But eggs and cauliflower will never be okay. Never. I know you said that you tested out these recipes many times on your kids. Seriously? The throw up eggs? Come on.

I’m not giving up, though. There is a mac and cheese recipe that I can’t wait to try. And the little pizzas with hidden spinach might pass the test, too. Besides, I can’t stop now. I have 47 little packages of liquid veggies in my fridge.