You have been an important part of our morning and evening routines for over four years. As I wrapped my arms of comfort and safety around my little ones before they went to bed, you were their constant companion. You are pink. You are blue. You are cheap at Wal-Mart. You never once complained about those sharp teeth that habitually gnawed on your soft, chewy spout. Thousands of ounces of juice and milk have nourished my children because of you.

Unfortunately, Matt Lauer tells me you are poisonous.

As I collected your growing family of 16 and threw you in my trash, I confess my heart was flooded with equal parts nostalgia and betrayal. My children have loved you, carried you to preschool, Sunday school, the gym and family picnics. You have been there for the birthdays, the holidays, even the sick days. And what do they get in return? A tripled risk of cardiovascular disease and a heightened proclivity to diabetes.

No mother should have to explain to her children that their beloved sippy cups are dangerous. It is mean. There has been a positive side to your downfall, however: a shiny, green, not-quite-cheap, BPA free Nalgene water bottle that will last forever. And lots of extra room on the top rack of my dishwasher that has otherwise been crowded out by you and your 15 family members.

I am disappointed, Nuby. And although you are no longer welcome here, you will be dearly missed.