Dear Microsoft Word,

You were first introduced in 1983 so that makes you 26 years old now. At 26, I would expect you to be cutting edge. So don’t you think it’s time that your spell check recognizes the word blogging? Seriously.

When I type the word blogging, I do not in fact mean bogging or logging. I also don’t mean flogging, clogging or slogging. Though I do appreciate your generous suggestions. Also, when I write ‘blog’, I am not actually trying to say bog, bloc, blot, blob. Or blow. Although I do want to thank you for adding to the distaste I already have of the word blog as it is in such close relation to all those other equally unattractive words.

Also? Those red squiggly underlines bring out the ugly in this recovering white-out-user. They are little false alarms all over the page. Like skinny red boys crying wolf on my document, screaming for correction when they’re ALREADY CORRECT.

I admit I’m a Mac user, so this might not mean much coming from me. But I do appreciate all the work you’ve done for me over the years: the centering, the italicizing, and the print previewing. Not to mention all those other words you spell just right for me. But please, for the love of all things current, include blogging in your next spell check upgrade.

thank you and do have a lovely day,

Emily, a Blogger (not to be confused with a Bolger, Logger, Flogger, or Bolgier)