graceful for young women

Why write a letter?

This younger generation is all around us, but sometimes we forget the types of things they are thinking and walking through. As a way to introduce my new book, Graceful, I wanted to encourage my peers to remember what it was like to be sixteen again.

Perhaps writing a letter to ourselves will help us to see the people who are sixteen still. And maybe be moved with compassion on their behalf.

I invited some friends to lead the charge this week and be the first to write letters. Some new ones posting today:

 Holley Gerth

Shannan – Flower Patch Farmgirl

Jen Schmidt from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

You can read what others have written on the letters page. Now it’s your turn!

how to write your own letter

    • Whether you wrote your letter a long time ago or just doing it today, simply grab the permalink to your post and follow the directions in the linky below. (You may need to click over to the blog if you are an email or RSS subscriber)
    • Use one of these “Dear Me” graphics in your post because they are awesome.
    • Read an example of some letters and get some ideas of what you might want to include, visit the letters page.
    • Include a link to if you want your readers to know about it
    • Tweet it up: #GracefulTheBook

graceful (for young women)
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