Thanks to my twin skin and permanent muffin top, I have finally perfected the fine art of tucking my tummy into my jeans before I sit down. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t ask questions. Bow your head. Thank the Lord. Say Amen. Don’t look back.)
This is me today, in jeans. Nearly falling off the child-sized chair I’m standing on because I don’t own a full length mirror. That is my shirtless son playing with the Polly pocket car that I just fished out of the toilet. Wonder how it got there? Anyway, I love these jeans because they are so comfortable. Wanna know why?
Because they are made for pregnant women. No, this is not my fun way of telling the world that I am pregnant. It is my fun way of telling the world that I’m a dork who is tired of fighting with jeans. I just want to be able to sit down without tucking. So today, I can. Hallelujah.