December is here and you don't want to miss it. Chances are at some point during the next four weeks, you'll find yourself feeling extra frazzled and distracted despite your best intentions. 

When that happens, it's hard to remember why you wanted this year to be different, much less to make it so.

I wanted to design something that you could count on for December - so that if every other solitary Advent intention flies out the window? All you have to do is pop in your earbuds on the way to the grocery store and be reminded of the story of Jesus. 

I want to help you:

  • approach December with new hope and fresh eyes
  • set your mind before you start your day
  • find relief from seasonal anxiety
  • discern your next right thing in love

The Quiet Collection for Christmas

an audio devotional to help ease seasonal anxiety


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"The Quiet Collection for Christmas is just what I need during this hectic but beautiful season. Short, peaceful & thoughtful when doing a long or difficult devotion seems like too much. It's truly helping through this busy time in our lives." - Ann G.

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Each day you will receive an audio file in your inbox to listen to on your own time

Day 1 // Kingdom

Day 2 // Begin

Day 3 // Silence

Day 4 // Wholeheartedness

Day 5 // With

Day 6 // Hope

Day 7 // Remember

Day 8 // Wait

Day 9 // Bethlehem

Day 10 // Peace

Day 11 // Night

Day 12 // Shepherds

Day 13 // Prepare

Day 14 // Life

the voice behind the collection

Emily P. Freeman: author, listener, creative director

Hi there, I'm Emily P. Freeman.

I am a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of five books, including Simply Tuesday and The Next Right Thing. I'm also the host of The Next Right Thing podcast and it's my voice you'll hear for all 14 days of the collection. Here are a few more things:

  • I handpicked each scripture, wrote each prayer and reflection, then read it for you in less than five minutes a day.
  • If you listen to my podcast The Next Right Thing, you already know everything I do has one singular goal: to help create space for your soul to breathe.
  • The tone, the pace, and the music have all been carefully curated to help you set a simple intention each day.

This edition of The Quiet Collection is designed to help you find relief from the anxiety that often shows up in December and to slow down and savor the days before Christmas with thoughtful intention.

Frequently Asked Questions

a few more details

How will The Quiet Collection be delivered?

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a thank you email. Your first day will deliver shortly after you sign up and every morning by 6 am EST after that until the collection is complete.

The email will include a link to listen and/or download a transcript of the 3-5 minute reflection.

Why audio?

Maybe you, like me, have your favorite Advent devotional you read daily during the season. This Collection is not designed to replace that.

Instead, the intention behind this offering is to remind you of the story of Jesus a few minutes each day.

You can sit still while you do this, but unlike reading, you don't have to sit still. You can listen on the go and remember Emmanuel has come - do not be afraid.

I received The Quiet Collection for Christmas last year. Is this the same?

Yes! This is the same collection we shared last year and we are happy to offer it again. If you enjoyed it last year, maybe you have someone in mind you could gift it to this year! (See below for details).

Is this a course? Is there homework?

This is not a course and is the opposite of homework. It's a simple, grounding gift for your soul for two weeks in December. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen. You'll be surprised the difference 3-5 minutes can make.

Can I gift the Collection to someone?

Yes! When you purchase, enter the name, email, and create a password for the person you are gifting the collection to, then enter your own information for payment. As soon as you sign them up, they will receive a welcome email so you will need to let them know of the gift ASAP so they know what to expect.

I have a question you haven't answered!

Email with your question and we're happy to help (M-F during business hours).

here's to a season of sanity

I want to help you stay present in December

this is my next right thing

the quiet collection