One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to drive around at dusk and try to look into people’s houses. I know it’s more polite to say “I’m looking at Christmas lights” but the truth is I’d much rather see what’s on the inside of those warm windows – the trees glowing in the corner, photos framed on the far wall, TVs playing It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s curbside Christmas stalking and it’s fantastic.

Though I don’t post about house-y stuff as much as I used to, I can’t resist joining in my sister’s Christmas Tour of Homes every year. It’s like standing on the curbside at dusk and having hundreds of people come out to their porches shouting, Merry Christmas and come on in! And so whether you decorate fancy or small, grand and colorful, or not at all, our homes are our haven and this time of year they are especially sweet to share.

“Setting the stage in our homes for us to celebrate Christmas with our families and in our hearts is no useless thing. I hope the effort you made works to bring your family closer and creates an atmosphere of rest and safety and belonging.” – The Nester

So this is me, standing on my front porch, welcoming you in. Now, it hasn’t snowed yet this year so I’m borrowing a photo from last year to kick off the tour. Enjoy the little walk through of our home here in December. I do hope your month has been restful and filled with joy.

The dog had to make it in here somehow.

In the kitchen, I decorate for Christmas by not decorating for Christmas. This way, there is empty counter space to roll out the dough for the cinnamon rolls we’ll make for Christmas Eve and to spread out the ingredients for the cookies my mom will make with the kids when she comes next week. Plus, the empty space here helps me breathe a bit more deeply.

Merry Christmas, friends.
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And since you have permission, it doesn’t even count as stalking:

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