My beautiful friend Cambre hosted a Christmas swap last night. Everyone brought either new or used decorations they no longer want or need as well as some things they got as gifts that would never work for anyone. Ever.

freaky face ornament

It looks as thought the “artist” got a little bit distracted while painting on the eyebrows. Of course, with my luck, this disturbed angel is a pricelessly priceless authentic piece of Christmas heirloomness. I still have her, just in case. She fell out of the box in my car before I went into the party. Lucky girl. Still, I took some other stuff I didn’t need and came home with a bag full of these non-freaky ornaments.


And all of this other lovely stuff.

normal stuff

What a fantastic way to get new Christmas stuff without spending a dime. Not to mention the hanging out with friends part. Or the getting rid of stuff you don’t want part. It was just the little inspiration I needed.


Elisabeth poses with her finds.

If you’re interested, my sister wrote a great post on how to host your own swap.