In the midst of organizing, sorting, packing and yes, even real grown-up cleaning, I have found lots of fun things I forgot I had. Namely, lots and lots of new beauty products just waiting to be opened and used. A few of them have expired. And a few of them are duplicates of the same thing…as I have a hard time throwing out perfectly good, full bottles of pretty liquids even though they may be products I never use (ie: samples of foundation, eye make-up remover, dental floss). Kidding. Floss is not a liquid. And I do floss. Not gonna say how often, but I do.

I even got lucky in the self-grooming department recently as my mom’s very cute habit of leaving things behind when she visits paid off for me. If you want to hear more about that, check out the story over at chic critique. This when-exactly-did-I-last-take-a-shower girl has somehow found herself as one of the new contributers on a beauty product review site. It’s kind of fun, as The Nester and I are doing it together. What are we calling ourselves, you ask? Why, The Sisters…what else?