I shared on my Facebook page that I cried during The Dog Whisperer last night. I know. What is happening to me? I guess that dog is working his way in. All that to say, I now have a Facebook page for Chatting at the Sky. I’ve had it for a few weeks, but haven’t really told you about it.

I’m trying to keep my personal profile personal as there is a lot of identifying information on there and I’d like to keep my kids names private from the blog. So, I thought it was time to separate the two. If you’d like to keep in touch on Facebook, you can like Chatting at the Sky here. And the dessert has nothing to do with anything, but doesn’t it look good? It’s from a date night a few months ago. That was a good night.

I’ve been weepy today as the girls are off to school and we saw their kindergarten teachers from last year in the hallway and they were nervous/excited/happy and a mama just gets weepy on the first day of school just because. And the dog just broke a lamp. How does a dog break a lamp? By being an animal in the house, that is how. I’m gonna go find me some dessert.

The winner of Marybeth Whalen’s book The Mailbox is Heathalee of Butterfly Genes. Congrats! I sent you an email so check your inbox. Aren’t free books the best?