The small and the sacred have been rising to the surface again. Now that a semblance of routine has taken shape in our days, the space to breathe and notice is widening. Thank you for joining me in unwrapping your Tuesdays. I look forward to next week as we continue to celebrate the small parts that make up a sacred whole. Here are a few such things I’ve found this week in my reader.


For as Long as I Can @ Through A Glass Darkly: How chicken fajitas and Psalm 121 were small graces for Kari on the anniversary of the day her Dad died.

the happiest place on earth

The Most Joyous Spot on Earth @ New Life’n: Fourteen sentences on my Dad’s blog that made me cry in a good way.


More Than Just Cooking @ My First Kitchen: How cooking inspires life.

I hope you’ll visit these beautiful posts. I also hope you’ll write one of your own and share it with us on Tuesday to celebrate the small things that inspire and encourage.