Are you beginning to breathe a bit more deeply? Have you been reminded of any truth that you needed to remember? The world is both smaller and bigger than you perhaps once thought. We have to breathe in life before we can breathe out impact. Change begins with grace, grace is given in love, and receiving both gives us energy to affect change in the world.

It seems opposite, doesn’t it? It seems as though the world changers ought to charge out with our battle cries and our solid confidences, ready to tackle what comes our way, poised to stand to defend our ideologies, prepared to tackle any foe.

We forget that God came as a baby, strength comes after weakness, presidents start out clinging to the hem of their mothers skirts. I could not launch a series on changing the world without taking some time to lay the foundation. And so instead of declaring, Let’s go! I have felt compelled to whisper, Be still. We love because we are loved. We move because we have been moved. And this grace changes everything.

I’ve kept you sitting on the bathroom floor for several days now. Are you getting a little antsy? Maybe a little foot-tapping going on? For those of you who were hiding all the way under the sink, have you at least come out into the open yet? We’ll talk a bit more this weekend about receiving, and then on Monday we’ll begin to move.

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