Those who change the world are ordinary people who have the courage to think different. We may start out in our small towns, intimidated by this big world, but we have to know that there are words only we can say, comfort only we can offer, art only we can make, worlds only we can change. Still we worry, and we hide in our small rooms of fear, afraid what it might mean to live on the other side. But rest well, because there is work to do before we can open the door.

It’s quiet work, invisible work, light and simple, but not easy work. Receive graceBe lovedBe patientBe encouraged. And know that sometimes you may be led to be impractical. And that is good. When you finally stand at the doorway to the world, there are things you need to know before you move.

Know your passion, because any influence you have will flow from this. Know your limits, because your weakness is actually your gift. Know what makes you cry, because your tears are tiny messengers that carry evidence of where your heart beats strong. Know your choices, because you may not change your circumstance but you can still change the world. Know how to worship, because every small moment of life boasts a breathe that comes from God. Know your brokenness, because healing only comes after wounds.

When it’s time to move in a way that will affect change, honor the courage it takes to start, and know that sometimes it looks like simply showing up. Not extravagantly with speeches and banners, but simple with open hands. Find your brave yes. Fight for your strong no. Learn how to suffer, to be small, to be quiet.

Use names with love. Use words with conviction. Be willing to not only look, but to see. Purpose to not only hear but to listen. Tell your stories and as you live them, watch art come out.

And if we are a trusting and believing people, we will know that change doesn’t always happen fast. We need to stand back a little and let things grow.

So we’ve been talking about these things for 31 days. Where are you on your journey to change the world? Are you stuck in the bathroom? Still in the knowing? Having trouble starting? Suffering? Quieting? I would love to hear from you on this last day of the month. And I want to sincerely thank you for visiting.