Growing up in a small Indiana town, the world was about as big as a green backyard with a privacy fence. Michelle’s house was on one side, sisters Missy and Shelly on the other, and a gravel alley out the back. You know what changed my world back then?

A litter of kittens. A tire swing. Lightening bugs. Grandma dying. A McDonald’s happy meal. Smith Elementary School. Ramona Quimby. A ten speed bike. A tornado warning. A white table cloth on my birthday.

Sometimes we make the world too big.

I wrote a book because I believed it would change the world. Not the whole world, like seven continents and all. But the woman who loves God and tries to live right. But can’t. This book can change her world. If I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t have bothered to write it. Why would I?

I’m not fool enough to think that this book will matter to everyone. It won’t matter to most. It won’t make sense to others. It might be dumb, ordinary, or flat to a few. But for some? For some it will change the world. Those are the some I’m looking for. Those are the some I want to look in the eye and say, You too? Oh good. Let’s do this together.

Still, as I wrote it, I was worried I was the only one who struggled with hiding behind I’m fine how are you. I worried that I, by myself, was the only one who struggled through the try-hard life but dared to see hope coming out on the other side. As it turns out, there are a lot of women like me. Exhausted friends. Downcast neighbors. Lifetime sisters. And so I wrote a book for them. And it turns out there are many more of them than I thought.

Sometimes we make the world too small.

There are people who need what you have, too. There are things only you can do, words only you can say, comfort only you can offer, art only you can make, worlds only you can change. The question is, will you? Do you tend to see the world too big or too small?

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