You know what happens when a girl who has lived in the bathroom dares to open the door? When a mother who thought she had no voice begins to realize her voice matters? When a student who has believed she was biding her time to live life for real begins to discover the life in today? When a writer tells her story? When a servant opens her hands? When a believer finally believes?

Art comes out.

Hope spills out of her arms and into the hopeless. Love is shown in the form of food for the hungry and support for the widows. It cannot always be defined by a resume or put down on a list. It is not a formula for change or a slogan for a campaign.

We are a scared lot of people, aren’t we? Worried to risk, to fail, to disappoint. Let go of the burden of your insecurity and allow God to uncover the imprint of his image on you – his creative, artistic image. Your efforts to change the world are not meaningless. They are not wasted. They are not too small. When we live free, we give freedom. When we live loved, we give love. When we are secure, we are able to offer security. This kind of living can’t be described in any other way than as art – beautiful, unpredictable, worshipful art.

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