I’m headed to the Relevant Conference next week, a conference that exists to minister to the woman, the blogger, and the storyteller. It is an honor to serve as a speaker at this conference, to look into the eyes of friends and writers — to speak truth, to have truth spoken, to listen, and to move. When you stand in a room with that many women, there is a temptation to make yourself big, big, big. Oh, to know the kindness and acceptance of Jesus in the midst of a crowd of successful people.

I believe we are called to embrace our own smallness. If the world had more people who understood their smallness, the world would be different. Blessed are the small and humble among us Рthose who see the world in a way that understands they are not the center of it. When I remember that the world does not revolve around me, I can stop trying to make it spin and instead enter into it, free.

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